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Tom Hardie

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Tom Hardie started his journey in cycling at 14 with a job building tandems, learning the ins and outs of yesteryear technology. After being fired for forgetting to install rim tape on a customer's bike (oops!), he spent the next 7 years in various workshops playing with bikes, heading to trade shows and obsessing over tech. Despite starting mountain biking, Wiggins-mania caught Tom and he picked up road racing around 2011. Once his friends started to get much faster, he spent more time heading along to their races and taking photos instead of riding, which he's still doing 10 years later. Tom's gone on to document some of the world’s toughest bikepacking races, World Tour road races and mountain bike world cups, being published in Rouleur, Dropped, Adventure Travel Magazine, NZ Cycling Journal and others, but now spends most of his time making bikepacking films with More Stories Tomorrow.

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