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Hanging Plant Set

When it comes to house plants, vines and climbers such as English Ivy, Philodendrons and Marble Queens are popular because they can add both colour and depth to your living space. The good news is, they’re all included in the Hanging Plant set from Oxy-Plants, and with this exclusive deal, you can get up to 34% off it! To receive 27% off a bundle that comes with hanging pots, just enter the code 76TD4WGS at the checkout and you’ll pay £69.99 instead of £95.91, or for 34% off a bundle without pots, enter the code ATVVFMQP and pay £26.00 rather than £39.97. What’s more, with 20% off all e-gift vouchers, you can treat a friend too – simply enter the code 4BNEDXTH at the checkout to receive your discount!


Get up to 34% off

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Oxy-Plants’ Hanging Plant set is a fantastic way to breathe fresh life into your home, without compromising on floor space. A standard set without pots includes:

  • 1 x English Ivy – a common European vine, the Hedera helix works well in a hanging basket, or even as a trailing ivy on a windowsill. (15cm)
  • 1 x Marble Queen – or Epipremnum aureum. As its name suggests, this low-maintenance vine plant has glossy, marble variegated leaves that cascade downwards and make for a beautiful hanging feature. (20cm)
  • 1 x Heartleaf Philodendron – native to central America and the Caribbean, the Philodendron hederaceum is a fast-growing climber with heart-shaped leaves. As it grows upwards but not outwards, you won’t have to worry about trimming it back. (20cm)

Simply enter the code ATVVFMQP at the checkout to claim 34% off this collection.

If you choose the bundle that includes pots, you’ll also receive three 13cm plant pots in a stylish black or macramé colour – just use the code 76TD4WGS to get 27% off this set.

Oxy-Plants’ e-gift vouchers are a thoughtful way to treat the gardener in your life. The vouchers can be spent on any item from the online store and will be emailed directly to the recipient within one week of purchasing. To get 20% off an e-gift voucher, simply enter the code 4BNEDXTH at the checkout.

Offer ends 19/08/21. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.

Get up to 34% off

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