20th Anniversary Issue hits the shelves

After months and months of work the 20th Anniversary Issue of MBUK has finally landed.


It’s done. It’s done and it’s out. The MBUK office lies strewn with empty Red Bull tins, sandwich wrappers and bodies (well a stuffed Squirrel anyway).


We first started talking about issue 226 and it’s importance about 6 months ago and since then there’s been non-stop time and effort poured into it and we’re all knackered.

When a mag is as important and recognised as MBUK it’s hard to work out how best to sum up the last two decades of mountain biking in Britain and do it all justice. The sport has come such a long way and we’ve been there every step.

Once you finally sort that out in your head, write (then re-write, then re-write) all the features, gather all the pics and put everything together it’s a huge effort. Seeing that effort on the shelf in WH Smiths on your lunch break is a real achievement and feels ace.

High points; Building the Zaskar and getting taken out for lunch on deadline day.

Low points; Late nights and having to eat Cheerios out of cups to keep going.

Not got a chance to get to the shops yet or postman running late? Check out the digital sampler and get a taster of what we think is one of our best issues ever. We’re pretty happy with our free gifts too; Doddy hasn’t stopped watching the ‘best bits’ DVD and Ric’s got granola in his beard.

The whole team are really proud of the final results and hope you are too. Thanks again for giving us so much to write about and making our sport the best in the world.


Any comments, criticisms or High-5’s? Get yourselves to the forum and see what everyone else thinks.