5 mountain biking must dos this August

Don't wait until it's too late, make the most of the summer sun and tick a few items off your biking bucket list

The evenings are still light, the sun is shining (hopefully) so it’s time to get out there on your bike and make the most of it. Here are five ideas to help you maximise your fun.


1. Go on an epic

We’re all fans of hammering out our favourites at trail centres, but every now and again it’s good to get away from the crowds for some true ‘out in the hills’ mountain biking.

Epic doesn’t have to mean abroad though — there are plenty of places in the UK where you can challenge yourself. Dust off the old OS maps or look to our MBUK Big Rides for inspiration. Stunning views, amazing natural trails and enormous feelings of satisfaction await.

Go on an epic
Head for the hills
Russell Burton

2. Race your mates

The light evenings are perfect for blowing off stress with some after-work competitiveness. In Bristol, the guys from Pedal Progression run monthly dual slalom races at Ashton Court, and oop north, the This is Sheffield crew do all sorts, from mass-start downhills to fancy-dress triathlons and everything in between.

If there’s nothing in your area, then get on social media and make it happen — all you need is a stopwatch and some willing mates.

Race your mates
Get out and race your mates

3. Go on a biking holiday

There’s still time to book some last minute flights and with bike parks all over Europe to choose from, the options for trips abroad are endless.

The French Alps are a home from home for biking Brits, but there are awesome lift-accessed trails in Germany, Slovenia and beyond. For dusty trails and a change of scene from snowcapped mountains, try the Côte d’Azur region of France or Liguria in Italy, but make sure to follow the advice of Baz Luhrmann and wear sunscreen.

Go on a biking holiday
There’s still time to go on a mountain biking holiday
Andy Lloyd

4. Get digging

Get digging
Get digging
Andy Lloyd

With so much fun to be had riding, it’s easy to forget the trails need some lovin’ to keep them in tip-top shape. Get involved with your local volunteer trail building group — most are on social media and have regular dig days that you can just turn up to.

It’s not all hard work — light a barbecue, bring some beers and shoot the breeze.

5. Get outside your comfort zone

No matter what level you ride at, we bet there’s something that scares you or that you want to master. It could be learning a new technique, hitting a big jump, committing to a corner with no brakes or pitting yourself against the competition at a race.


With dry trails and more time on the bike to boost confidence, there’s no time like the present to push your limits. 

Get outside your comfort zone
Why not try something new?
Mick Kirkman