Afraid of the dark?

Chris Smith's freeride fright night!

Who’s afraid of the dark? Not Corsair freerider Chris Smith, that’s fo’ shizzle.


Chris hit up one of his favourite spots after hours just for us, and got more than he bargained for!

“Nothing prepared me for how dark it was”, Chris told us. “It was like a scene from a horror film. It was also freezing cold, which made it seem less appealing by the minute.”

All was going fairly when, but then events took a dodgy turn. “After a sketchy landing I wanted to end on a high note so decided to chuck in a trick off a drop,” Chris said. “This is where I pushed the limits too far…”


You can read the full story of what happened next in the new issue of MBUK, out now in your friendly (or not so friendly) newsagent. Scary!