An introduction


Tap tap, is this thing on?


Hi, I’m Jeff Jones. You might remember me from such cycling websites as and I’m now part of the new bikes online team here at Future Publishing. I’m making a cameo appearance on Procycling’s blog because the hard working editorial staff have just finished a major deadline and are in recovery mode. I also have a couple of cameo stories in this issue of the mag, and therefore feel umbilically linked to the lads in London.


Wait, there’s more! Except that I must resist the urge to turn this blog into a trashy informercial. It’s doing fine as a trashy blog posting.

But I can’t resist.

Soâ¦buy Procycling, read, and check back – at least semi-regularly – on We will keep you informed and entertained in cycling matters, and it does matter.


Oh look what’s arrived in my inbox. Hmm, “Subject: Your P45”. I must confess that I’m new to England. I wonder what it means?