A man needs a shed

We all have a chicken and egg story. Mine revolves around sheds (not revolving sheds, as that would be decidedly unpleasant!)

We all have a chicken and egg story.  Mine revolves around sheds (not revolving sheds, as that would be decidedly unpleasant!)

Which came first, then? My wife wants me out of the house periodically, or I wanted to go the shed first, to get away from her periodically?

A female friend once complained to her mum that her husband always spent a lot of time in his garage.  Her wise mum replied: ‘At least you know where he is!’ literal meaning: don’t worry about it, at least he’s not out gambling or womanizing…

Men need somewhere to throw inanimate things, mutter and swear…a place of our own, down the garden where we can curse the missus under our breaths whilst attempting to ‘fix’ or ‘make’ things… A place of retreat where we get to choose the furniture and fixings for a change!

It’s a basic need in men.  Like the need for an allotment

Maybe it’s when we hit a certain age that we embrace the shed idea (I hit it at 34 years old), and in hitting that age we attain the buying power to afford the stuff that fills the shed?  Earlier in life it wasn’t that we didn’t want a shed, rather we couldn’t afford its contents.  Like most men, our ‘shed’ is in fact our garage, as the garage is too small for modern cars!

3 years later, my only regret is that I couldn’t afford to put electricity in my shed when I adapted it to my needs.  With electricity, I could have the necessary light to work in there at night time and have enough heat for winter use, too.  My friend Pete has this cracked.  His loving wife, Karen, even bought him a kettle, and some cuppa soups for post ride drinks with his mates in his shed/garage (Or maybe she rather sensibly just prefers having our muddy selves out of the house?) 

They even have an electronic sliding garage door that Pete can open on his bike as we all ride back to his garage post ride, like we’re entering the bat cave…!  It’s a shame it doesn’t switch on the light also, as his kids toys are often in different places to where they were when we left, which has resulted in carnage as we ride back in to the garage after a long night ride with failing battery power from HIDs and LEDs!

I have a dream to build my own shed one day, following the advice given in ‘a place of my own

A place with a bed, as it is already being talked about in my house that I snore too much and need to sleep elsewhere in the house, especially after I’ve been on the sauce! Where better to go than a purpose built shed complete with bed, electricity, bikes, and beer!?  I just need that kettle, cuppa soups and a heater, and I may even move in there permanently!

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