All in the family

What do you do when a knee injury forces you off the bike? Watch your family race, of course!

Multiple World Cup and world champion dirt racer Thomas Frischnecht reflects on his forced time off the bike due to a knee injury. The Swiss mountain and cyclo-cross racer is proud to brag on his wife and son, though, who've taken up racing in his stead...

Back on track
My knee injury forced me to take it slow (at least on the bike) for a month. Instead of racing I found the time for a trip to California to visit Interbike Show in Las Vegas and to do a photo shooting for Oakley. I'm stoked to have my first ad campaign with Oakley. And at the same time I received a new title: Master of vision.

Wife and kid racing
While I was back in training, but not racing yet, my wife Sibylle and my 13 year old son Andri were holding up the Frischi flag.

Doing her first triathlon in May 2007, Sibylle qualified for the "70.3 mile Ironman world championship" in Clearwater, Florida on November 10. I told her to take the opportunity and go for the adventure. She is not really the racing type athlete, but tried anyway. She finished in great 11th place in her age category. Not bad for a housewife with three kids!

Andri will not win any titles for his training (he decided to only race and never train). But when he is racing my old Ritchey Swisscross bike with flat bars (the one I won the silver medal at the `97 world championship), he shows some talent.

The races he did so far he finished on the podium.

Scott Genius MC in the museum
A great honour for my Scott Genius MC, the one I was riding at the marathon world championships in Lugano in 2003. The "Verkehrshaus Luzern" (museum of transportation), with close to a million visitors a year the most important museum of Switzerland, choose to take this special bike into their collection. The reason why? It's Swiss technology of a Swiss brand, piloted by a Swiss rider to win a world championship in Switzerland. It's great to be part of this important institution. And it's great for the sport of Mountain Bike to finally be recognised as an important transportation vehicle.

It feels a bit strange to not be racing this time a year. It's the first time in 23 years I'm not racing cyclo cross in November. Guess it's good to get used to the time after...At least the knee is holding up fine by now and I'm back in training. After I training camp with my team mate Florian Vogel in South Africa I will start my cross season December 23rd. It's going to be a short one and tough one. I will do seven races in 15 days!

Ride on!


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