Blog: A good nickname for Mark Cavendish

World's fastest sprinter needs a moniker

Procycling features editor Daniel Friebe is in somewhat of a pickle this evening. Seems he and his Tour de France press room cohorts are falling short of coming up with a nickname for young sprinting sensation Mark Cavendish.

The 23-year-old Team Columbia racer hails from the Isle of Man, has curly hair and an ever-present Cheshire grin. His two victories during the 2008 Giro d'Italia were almost as impressive as his first Tour victory this past Wednesday ahead of all the favourites.

Friebe & Co. know that several Tour racers have splendid nicknames (Cobra, Little Prince, Sparticus, Jay Z., etc.) but he needs a creative boost for Cavendish. Check out his blog here, and when you're done, please put on your thinking cap and email him suggestions.

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