Blog: Contador's new regimen?

How to win a grand tour 'without' training

Alberto Contador Velasco may have inadvertently set a trend for world-class athletes, as the recently crowned Giro d'Italia champion added a groovy spiraled bronze trophy to go on the mantle, next to his 2007 Tour de France golden black bowl thingy. 

The Madrid-born Astana rider was literally sitting on a beach a week or so before the beginning of the Giro, when his team got the last-minute invite after getting snubbed by nearly every race organizer in the world.

Like Greg LeMond in the 1990 Tour, Contador took the final Giro pink leader's jersey in Milano without winning a single stage because of craft, cunning and a steely resolve to let others work themselves into the ground. His Astana team also proved more than capable, as this year's Giro was one for the record books and memory banks.

Our Man Jeff Jones, no stranger to sitting on some exotic beach, wrote a nifty blog about Contador's Giro victory, which you can read by clicking here.

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