Cleaning out the lockup

MBUK's bike room gets the Changing Rooms treatment, with pics

MBUK's Batcave and workshop are located the other side of town from MBUK Towers, so being the sneaky so and so he is, Doddy 'discovered' an empty room somewhere in the towers, and 'acquired' a key.

With a bit of work, some racking and a bunch of tools, it's now a wondrous place filled with bikes and bits that would have any mountain biking aficionado drooling. Sadly, like everything workshop-like, it quickly became a dumping ground for some seriously tatty stuff that no-one on the bike titles dared ride.

So today, Doddy, new tea boy Ric and their pixie work-experience helper, Harry, decided to have a clean out and to rearrange the place in a more organised fashion - mainly to fit more trick stuff in and to use the place as a mini-workshop. Which might we add is most definitely not allowed by company policy. But who's going to know?

Enough bumbling, here's some pics...

A few bikes...

Doddy performs the 'empty room dance'

Ric, 'the new Ruth' - he wouldn't look at the camera for some reason...

Harry, on work experience relishes the challenge of rejigging the lockup.

Here he is, happy with the makeover - Carol Smillie would be pleased

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