Doddy's No-Handed Wheelies

Can you beat this?

Fisher. Herbold. Vouilloz. Peat. All people who have moved our sport forward. Two-wheeled innovators who scoffed in the face of boundaries.  They see a boundary, they eat that boundary - and wash it down with a hot cup o’ rules. 

Now, at last, the name of Dodd can be added to these greats.

Doddy first started babbling on to me about his no-handed wheelies a couple of weeks ago on the way back from a visit to the BMX track. 

Understandably, I ignored him, until he started showing off at a recent photo-shoot in Leigh Woods near Bristol.

Not only had he worked on the no-handers, he’d perfected them! 

Effectively transforming his Commencal XC bike into a unicycle, Harrow’s favourite son had managed to incorporate various styles and poses into his latest balancing act.

The ultimate chav-shaming bike trick is started with your hands off the bars and best executed on a slight incline. But be warned, it ain’t easy.

Doddy’s next challenge is to pull it off while texting or eating a bag of chips – watch this space! 

Got something to beat Doddy's wheelie? Send pictures of your invented trick to and we might even put it in the mag...

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