E13 LG1 chainguide

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E13 chainguides are mega popular as they're super tough and look the mutts, but the race heads, like most women, are on a mission to lose every possible pound.
Acknowledging this, E13's designers got to work on a simplified device that does without the the trademark outer bashguard, instead using an enclosed upper guide...

This sheds a fair bit of weight which the racers love- plus the device can be used to good effect on lighter weight Freeride bikes that don't require a heavy bash guard. The only chink in the armour is leaving the chain ring exposed- a bent chain ring in racing could make the difference between a podium and a DNF.
Which is why the tech heads at E13 left eyelets on the rear of the boomerang to bolt on a Taco- essentially a cut down section of the popular bashguard which protects the chain ring from being grounded- and looks super trick at the same time.

Look out for a full reveiw in the mag soon...
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