Eat cake, get fit

Fed up with dull energy bars and sickening gels failing to get you up those lung-sapping climbs? You need to unleash the awesome power of cake…

At MBUK, we love cake. After a hectic morning bombing around on bikes and typing up the next instalment of Britain’s best selling bike mag there’s nothing like a big slab of cakey goodness.

But, as with most good things, if wrongly used cake can kill. And it’s not going to get you to the 2012 Olympics is it?! Until now…

Maxim sent us a few of their new Carbo-Cakes for ‘testing’. According to the box they're ideal for carboboosting before exercise, are easily digestible and can be prepared using just a love of cake, some water and an oven.

It was clear that this was a complicated process and one only someone with experience in baking and ownership of a large Quality Street sweetie tin should take charge of. 

Step forward MBUK’s answer to Mr Kipling, mag operations editor Kim, who rationalised the process thus: "You're supposed to bake it for 40-50 minutes but, assuming the usual principles of cake baking applied, I waited until a skewer came out clean, which took about 55 mins.

"Having only ever made cakes by mixing real life ingredients before, I was sceptical as to how the Carbo Cake would turn out, but it was actually quite tasty, and adequately chocolately. It was a little dry though, so I added some butter icing to give it a bit of moisture - and also to indulge the sweet tooths in the MBUK office.”

The carb-loaded, Kim-modified confection past the initial Ric and Ian test but, let's face it, giving cake to men who simply like cake isn’t exactly a test. Enter King of Cake, deputy art editor Carl Milligan.

The Northern Shaggy look-a-like (Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, not the Jamaican R’n’B sensation) is responsible for the main office cake consumption and knows his way around icing better than most.

“It tasted a lot like chocolate although a little powdery and very dry," he mused. "You can get round the dryness with the filling but without it you may need to carry an extra hydro pack with you. I do like cake though.”

Perhaps the most worrying/ exciting thing of all about this is that the packet says one serving is a third of the cake!

Our verdict? If you're on and off the bike all day and like your treats then Carbo Cake could be just the excuse you're after. Better stick to the one serving though.

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