Eurobike 2011: Silverback road, mountain and e-bikes (video)

Starke 1 pedelec, plus a range of conventional human powered models

Silverback Technologies are relative newcomers to the bike making business, setting up shop as recently as 2004. Their bikes, which we were given a run through at their Eurobike booth, are now being brought into the UK and Ireland by North Coast Leisure.

Catching our eye were the Starke 1 e-bike with built-in USB port for charging your gadgets on the move, the all-carbon Storm hardtail range and the top-end Space road bike. Check out our image gallery for BikeRadar's closer look at all three.

We grabbed a few minutes with Silverback's head of innovations, Raoul de Villiers, to find out more about some of the key models. You can check out what he had to say in the video below:

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