German police search university clinic

Two doctors targeted in Freiburg

German police said Wednesday they had obtained search warrants for a university clinic and the homes of two doctors in the Freiburg region. The doctors are accused of having supplied doping products to cyclists in the area.

"The doctors are accused of having used or rather provided banned substances to several sportsmen, including cyclists," said a police statement.

The university clinic in Freiburg is one of the most reputed in the country and specialises in matters involving athletes but it has been dogged by adverse publicity since the spring when former Telekom riders shed light on a systematic doping policy during the 1990s, that involved the clinic's doctors.

Lothar Heinrich and Andreas Schmid, who were hired as doctors for the T-Mobile team up until May of this year, were sacked by the university clinic in Freiburg following the revelations.

Germany is due to implement a new law on November 1 aimed at battling against doping in sport. It includes provision for a prison sentence of up to 10 years for those involved in the supply of doping products.

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