Happy New Year from MBUK

We're sticking to our resolutions this year, promise...

A round-up of the MBUK crew's ’09 resolutions …


Collins Boy


  • Make sure my whips are better than Collin’s Boy’s…
  • Get mega fit
  • Pioneer off-road parkour
  • Get my DJing head screwed back on and play more gigs
  • Learn to scrub going faster, flatter and more sideways than Collins Boy
  • Get out of bed once a week for a BMX track interval session before work
  • Go to Whistler. Again.
  • Re-ride dirt-jumps- it’s been nearly three years since I rode dirt properly 
  • Continue to Improve my rather sad encyclopaedic knowledge of all things MTB related
  • Bring back chilli fun in the MBUK office 


  • Get on a bike more than twice a year
  • Play more gigs, including taking El Wristo to El Bristo
  • Avoid falling victim of the rock’n’roll death age (aka, The 27 Club) by not dying before I reach 28
  • Cross some things off my ‘things to do before I’m 30 list’
  • Not be too smug about having a three-month holiday from January
  • Don’t let ‘the fear’ get me the next time I do get on a bike
  • Run more often/run 10k regularly
  • Be extremely vigilant for all instances of ‘chilli fun’
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