I pity the fools...

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I love stickers. I always have and always will.
My Publisher hates it, my Managing Director hates it even more, and my girlfriend pretends to like them.
But I know she hates them too.

However, not all is lost, as others love them. Most people here love them, but have no idea how to apply them.
I've seen some 'Pro' bikes with stickers lashed on like a cheap tarts make up. I pity those fools.
It's all about presentation, being creative- and a little crafty work with a photo printer and some clear sticky backed plastic. Kind of like removeable graffetti.
Fin's hopeless with stickers, so I treated his Totom's to some sticker loving- which the boys at TF like so much, they're all queing up for a slice of cut'n'paste sticker action...
I've just finished stickering Neil's forks- he's TF's guy with a narrow handlebar fetish and a mean hand with a shock pump. Check out my handy work...

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