Ian Collins up a tree

Tarzan mode on a photoshoot

Technical editor Collins Boy has ridden, raced, rallied and wrecked every type of bike out there. Years of industry experience means he knows his stuff when it comes to kit.

Which is why we can't understand why he went into Tarzan mode on a recent photoshoot.

"Come down from the tree Ian! Don't fall!" were the cries from the petrified onlookers.

Had he been drinking? What was the matter? Nobody could tell whether he was in a state of bliss or whether he had returned to that bad place again, the place of utter rage.

Ric McLaughlin spoke to me about the freak incident: "We've had a rollercoaster of a relationship since we met, to be frank. 

"When I first met Ian he was quite a shy fellow, but we've got to know each other well and he's started to come out of his shell. 

"I still can't get over what happened that day. It was so out of character, so not an 'Ian Collins' thing to do."

Watch it if you dare:

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