Identiti Krisis?

Look what just landed........

It's always exciting when a delivery turns up and the bigger the parcel, the bigger the buzz around the office.

Even though we're flat out at the moment, we can still manage to take time to appreciate the finer things in life such as this shiny Identiti Krisis SL frame.

Matt from Ison Distribution kindly shipped this bad boy down here for us to take a look and get it built and ready for testing.

The Krisis SL has quite the racing pedigree with numerous domestic and international results to back its quality and we can't wait to rip up some 4X tracks on it....

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Rob Weaver

Technical Editor-in-Chief, UK
Rob started riding mountain bikes seriously in 1993 racing cross-country, though he quickly moved to downhill where he competed all over the world. He now spends most of his time riding trail bikes up and down hills. Occasionally he'll jump into an enduro race.
  • Discipline: Mountain
  • Preferred Terrain: Natural trails where the loam fills my shoes on each and every turn
  • Beer of Choice: Guinness
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