Is Esher Shore the best playground near London?

Hiding round the back of the Sandown Race course near Hampton Court Palace, Esher Shore is a marvel of North Shore style trail building in a remarkably small area…

The beauty of the place is that the trail builders- headed by Rob Cole and James Fish of Freeborn Cycles, know how to encourage flow and have weaved an incredible amount of trails in to one space. And they flow so well that when you’re riding, you’re barely aware of the other trails that are sometimes only inches from the one you’re on…

At the moment, there’s plenty of work planned for the place - as always - but Rob’s suffering from being a bit of a one-man band at the moment. Probably as he’s just started work on the new Slopestyle course, which will be ready sometime in May.

Just in time for a huge Summer jam. Watch this space

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Ready for action

More hike-a-biking

Fin flying

Jon sending it between the trees

Toff checks out the Slopestyle tower roll-in

Which is bloody massive

Nice booter eh?

Although not quite enough boot on the first go!

Look out

But until then there's...

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