Lucky covers?

Cooke then Hoy - the Cycling Plus cover's 'eyebrow' is home to Olympic champions...

Yeah, okay they might have dedicated their lives to training. And they've had the support of British Cycling. Oh, and they're supremely talented but can Cycling Plus claim any credit for Nicole and Chris's success in Beijing?.

Erm, no of course not. But at least we can breathe a sigh of relief in the CPlus office. As fans - okay the fan - of my blog will recall, last week I mentioned that a mag I used to work for put Paula Radcliffe on the cover before her Athen's Olympic disaster. And how I predicted that Simon Lessing would win gold in the 2000 Olympic triathlon - he finished 11th.

So, I was a liitle worried when we featured Nicole and her quote that she was dreaming of gold on the front of 213, and Chris Hoy and the words "Olympic champion" on 214, that there chances would be scuppered. Thankfully, as you know, they've both turned in stunning performances and I can rest easy.

But what if the CPlus cover is lucky? Maybe this month's cover rider Mat Brett should start training for the 2012 Games. Sure, he'll be 40 and hasn't shown much inkling of Olympian talent thus far, but he has been on the cover at least three times so maybe he's got some winning luck stored up. Come to think of  I'm planning some cyclo-cross and duathlon racing later this year and need all the help I can get, so maybe I should put myself forward for a bit of modelling....

Rob Spedding

Editor-in-Chief, Cycling Plus, Cycling Plus Magazine
Editor-in-chief Rob has been pedalling Cycling Plus since 2007. His first proper road bikes were a Raleigh Sprint in the early 1980s and then a Trek 1000 in 1999. A former competitive runner, Rob has repeatedly threatened to become a competitive cyclist in every discipline from time-trailling to hill climbing to bike polo. We're still waiting.
  • Discipline: Road. Mainly commuting but with the occasional mountainous sportive that he'll complain about/fail to complete. Enjoys cake stops. Will never, ever do another triathlon after a bad experience in open water.
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