MBUK Machines - Ric's Giant Glory

After a month of neglect the Glory hits the scales...

With all this XC business I've been at over the last month, the Glory has been lurking around the back of my shed like some sort of malnurished urban fox. Of sorts.

Well, the Clic24 is well and truly over now so I can get back to my diet of pizza, beer and DH again!

There's been a small pile of bits for testing gathering on my desk over the last few weeks so this morning I hit the workshop with a Red Bull and a bag of spanners...

First on was a new Renthal SR4 38t chainring - the fit was a bit difficult thanks to it being slightly thicker than the standard Saint unit. However, I felt the mechanical ghost of Collins Boy on my shoulder as a bag of M:Part single chainring bolts and some spare washers saw me bodge it good.

I also fitted a pair of Renthal's Fatbar's a month or so ago too - 750mm wide, 20mm rise and 7 degree back-sweep. Done.

Next up was a new Race Face Atlas FR direct-mount stem. It's pretty neat as it's designed so that you can flip it over and run it as 30mm as opposed to 50mm. Thanks to having giraffe legs for arms though, I'm running the longer.

Finally then it was time for some little details - Nuke Proof brake pads and a Superstar Ultralight hollow rear axle.

I reckon that Shimano's Saint pads are some of the best out there so I'm interested to see just what difference the Nuke Proof jobs make. The axle is one of Superstar's new Ultralight numbers, it's made from 7005 series heat-treated alloy and drops 20g from the OEM number. Not a massive drop admittedly but they all add up and more than anything, the Ultralight is just that bit tidier than the agricultural standard number. At just £14.99 it's a wallet-friendly little mod too for all the Glory owners out there.

So with all the litte changes I fired up the scales and waited a few seconds for them to settle at a final weight for the old girl. The result was pretty impressive - just 37lb 10oz! That's seriously light and  I'm now counting down the hours to get some weekend thrashing in!

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