MBUK shred Wales

Check out our latest VholdR footage from the land of dragons!

When it comes to good ideas there are two kinds; good and very good. The phone went at MBUK Towers the other day and it was Martin from Iron Horse UK with one of the latter.

Ric’s new Sunday Team needed collecting along with an exclusive first ride bike for next month’s issue (on sale December 17th). Instead of just posting them or calling by the office though he’d arranged an uplift day at Cwmcarn!

The phone was slammed down Batman-style and before you could say “It’s a Thursday afternoon lads!”, Weaver and Ric were out the door like two very hairy scalded cats.

Cwmcarn is a flat out downhill track ideal for testing bikes deep in South Wales. That said, Ric was busy ‘bonding’ with his new Sunday (and the ground) as he crashed his brains out trying to get used to the new rig. Weaver though pinned it all day alongside ‘The Horse Master’ Astley and MBUK cover-star Luke.

Filming was very kindly taken care of by equally fast Jason Pinkley from The Big Adventure Store. We came away with amazing footage of a full-course run, Luke shredding the final descent on the XC course and a sneek peak at a secret trail a couple of miles up the road from the centre.

Anyway, Ric’s just finished editing them all together so hope you enjoy!

Here's the secret trail vid:

Here's Luke Marshall riding the downhill section of the cross country loop:

Here's the video of the downhill run:

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