Mint money-making

Saucy beer mats on ebay...

Wife nagging you about leaving frothy lager rings on the furniture? Need something to flip over, catch and look cool with down the pub? What you need are some MBUK Mint Sauce beer mats!

Check out these ebay bargains - you'd be mad not to buy them!

Well, saying that, you could just buy this months MBUK instead. In return you'd receive an amazing mag featuring our essential Ride Better Now! guide, Rob Warner getting caught by the fuzz and top-tips on how to get the most out of pump-tracks.

We also profile our biggest hopes for the 2010 World Cup season, test the best £500-£800 hardtails and go DHing with one of Britain's top superbike riders.

All that AND some free beer mats?! Well paint me pink and call me Barbara if that's not the best deal I've ever heard of!

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