Neil Donoghue gives his take on Fort William

Pre-race problems but points on the board

FortWilliam is always a great race, the atmosphere is awesome and for once the weather was good! As always the track was brutal:  bike-smashing and really physical.

I took practice fairly easy to save both myself and the bike for race day. The track was getting really beat up and I saw a couple of people take some nasty crashes, including an Italian dude who KO‘d himself on a rock slab. Not pretty.

Sunday morning didn’t go well for me as I had problems in both my practice runs high up on the track. Definitely not the best preparation. Come race time the place was buzzing - it 's great to see a lot of people still turning up to support the event.

My race went okay, not the greatest but at least I got some points. It was pretty amazing to come into the finish with the fastest time and sit in the hot seat for a while. The times soon started to fall though and the race got exciting. Dan Atherton had a storming run putting him sixth and along with his third in the 4X, it was a good weekend for Affy.

We saw another good ride from Gee, but Minaar was unreal. His time was so fast - a well deserved win.

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