Party time with the pros...

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The Qashqai Urban Challenge part one was a huge success for mountain biking in the UK.
It was the first big event we've had outside the World Cup rounds, and was the first Freeride event the UK's ever seen. Around 10,000 people spectated over the two days last weekend- check out the crowd mid after noon on the Saturday- before it all kicked off!

Chopper loved the event so much that his ultra excited face came out- unfortunately the wind changed and he's left like this forever. Poor little chap.

And this was the start of the rider party- which obviously turned to Chaos. Bearlaw was the first to lose his sleeves in the classic riders game of Rambo...

And little 'Andrea Anaconda' was off the hook. The vertically challenged Spanish nutbar is as insane off the bike as he is on the bike- and he reads MBUK!
Yo, if you're reading this Andreu- remember who rescued your bandana off the club floor?

Cam McCaul partied hard all night. He was one of the last to leave (or be asked to leave?)

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