Reasons to be cheerful

Parts one, two and three

Da da na naaaaaa. Da da na na naaaaa. Da da naaa naaa, da da na na na na naaaaaa, na na, naaaa, da da, da da da da da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa ... It's the final countdown!

OK, it's not really, but it is only a measly week to go until the next issue of MBUK hits the shops. We thought we should tell you about it early this month because it's Very Very Special. We are officially 250 years old! OK, issues, not years.

Anyway, not only is MBUK 250 guest-edited by the one and only street trials genius Danny MacAskill, it's got the full story behind the Fort William downhill and 4X World Cup (two months to go - whoop whoop!), and a corking DVD from Freecaster, with all the highlights from the 2009 World Cup season.

Doddy's written an epic feature about his awesome trip to the Isle of Skye with 4X hardman Scott Beaumont, and we'll be giving you a sneak preview on Monday with some exclusive pictures from his personal diary, so check back with the blog then.

If you're detecting a Scottish theme you're not imagining things – MBUK 250 is a Scottish special, so we've got a complete guide to the best places to ride in Scotland, plus Ric's road trip, cramming in all the top trail centres in one weekend.

Our tech heads have been hard at work too, weighing up the pros and cons of full suspension bikes and hardtails, so that you can work out what's right for you.

Plus we''ll have all the usual MBUK craziness. We can't really help it, after all.

MBUK 250 hits the shops on Wednesday, April 7. Or subscribe now, and never miss another issue!

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