Sexy-time at MBUK

You know what we mean, some bike kit is just so sexy you want to lick it...or is that just us?!

You do get weeks at MBUK when all the posty seems to bring is spare washers and shoe cleats. Both useful but not exactly mind-blowing. This week however, we've had some right treats...

Point One Racing are a new US company who are producing some of the finest looking stems we've seen in years. Precision isn't the word here, the stuff is immaculate. Both their 50mm Split-Second dirt stem and Split-Second 70mm all mountain stem do away with the need for top caps with a neatly designed bolt-thru system that saves around 20g. Watch out for them in the mag soon.

Still whetting our whistles too is our Yeti 4X bike. In an office brimming with riders as bitterly entrenched in various mountain biking camps as ours it's rare that one bike unites all; this is one of those bikes. Classic Yeti looks and finish coupled with modern day geometry and lightweight travel. Just look at it! It's even got blue nipples!

Also arousing our bike juices are these new seatposts from Burgtec. Super thick yet light carbon make them ideal for jump bikes so the battle is on to see who can grab one first!

Whilst we're on the subject of jump bikes; Ric's new Specialized P1 has arrived and is a right little belter. Full 4130 Cr-mo frame, DJ's and micro-drive complete the look. It's a strange sentence but we love the two-tone paisley paint scheme too! Keep 'em pealed for more on the bike in the next  MBUK.

Now we know it's a classic but still, things don't get much tastier than a SRAM X0 mech and shifter. If there was ever a product that enveloped functionality and beauty this has got to be it. Pure class.

Last but not least is the new CyclePassion calender. Girl Of The Month is always a hotly contested battle on the calender front (Jamer's Keeley one has been stuck at the same month for two years) and the first one to wade into the fray for 2009 supremacy is the CyclePassion number from Prendas. It's a simple combination; beautiful women who ride bikes but don't like wearing much kit. It's even better this year due to the lack of Richie Slay with his shirt open shots! Get yours today!

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