Ric's Glory arrives back from Mojo a bit more relaxed...

As I type this I am counting down the hours until 5am Saturday morning like a school kid counting down the days until summer holidays.

I'm off out to Malaga on the early flight from Bristol to hook up with the guys at Switchbacks DH for three solid days of some dirty Spanish DH blasting.

I tried to type that without sounding too jousty. I failed. Sorry.

Anyway, after a chat with the boys at Mojo whilst testing the new Fox Forx range a few weeks back we had an interesting idea for my long-term Giant Glory...

Basically, the mad professor and owner of Mojo Chris Porter suggested shortening my rear shock to slacken the Glory out a bit. With a standard head-angle of 65.5 degrees the Giant is a touch on the steeper side in comparison to some of the other top complete DH bikes out there. By shortening the physical length of the shock, Mojo could effectively cant the whole front triangle backwards slightly.

"We shortened the rear shock by reducing the body tube length," Chris said, "In order to achieve that without bottoming out the piston/body cap inside we needed to change to a lower profile piston and piston bolt which necessitates a revalve job."

" We did a ‘standard’ revalve to suit your spring weight. We also dropped the forks through so that the head angle is a tad slacker as well."

But how much slacker you may ask? Well, Chris reckons with my weight and given the set-up changes he's made then we should be in the three degrees area. Aside from being Prince Charles' favourite soul act, that's also a hell of a difference!

I've also bolted on a set of brand-spanking Burgtec Mk3 Penthouse Flat pedals too. I've only ever ridden clips on the Glory so I fancied a bit of a change and went for it. I've never tried the Burgtec's and am looking forward to getting my unclipped game back on again.

You can read all about how the Glory and I got on on our mini Spanish adventure in up-coming MBUK's. I'll try and get some blogging and a couple of vids done too whilst I'm at it. In the mean time though - who wants a straw donkey?!

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