Spotted at BikeRadar Live...

Behind the scenes with the top riders

We had a fab time at BikeRadar Live. Doddy actually wept a little bit on the way home. Although that might have been down to Weaver's driving.

Anyhoo, we'll have the full lowdown in the next issue (out Wednesday 28th, date fans). But we figured you wouldn't want to wait for the goss, so here's the top celeb shenanigans and quotes overheard at Radar Live. See you next year!

Chris Kovarik - trying to find volunteers to 'tag team' Steve Peat. We think he means WWF style. We hope so anyway.

Josh Bryceland - starting a chocolate eclair fight on Saturday night. Don't waste the cakes!

Andreu Lacondeguy. Rocking a tee with a quote from badass skateboarder Steve Olson (warning, link not suitable for the delicate of constitution).

Sam Pilgrim - tooling around in his latest Vito Sport van. Jammy.

Danny Pace - shirtless (for a change) and heckling anyone who dared to go skins without a six pack.

Ricky Crompton - sporting some seriously sinister neck tattoos. He'll never work in a building society

Martyn Ashton - tooling around on the road bike he made famous in that video. And generally being the Nicest Bloke in Biking (tm).

And just a few things we overheard:

"No no, drinking the sick was definitely better than eating the urinal cake. I mean, at the end of the day, its just food that’s someone’s eaten.”

"This tent would be a lot better if I could get my whole body in it". "Yes, I've mostly been wearing mine as a hat."

“We don’t have any burger baps so you’ll just have to use crisps…”

“Do you ever put that hat on and look at yourself in the mirror and think ‘This makes me look like an absolute t**t’?”

“I bunny-hopped like, twenty guys during the crit!”

“I don’t know what magazine you work for but it’s sick. Sick and wrong!”

“Would I? At this stage, yeah. Definitely. Anything.”

“My biggest problem was that I was racing someone who was really good at racing people…”

“Have you seen the size of Prokop’s feet?! He’s got hooves!”

“Try this, it’s really good, it melts the bottom of polystyrene cups though so drink it quick…"

Get the full story in the next issue of MBUK, out Wednesday July 28. Fact!

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