Team BikeRadar in Australia

The Team prepare for the penultimate round of the world cup - surfing, riding and hitting the gym

Marc and I are in Australia for the penultimate round of the world cup. We have spent the last few days up near Sydney chilling and having a bit of a break for a couple of days after flying in from two weeks in Whistler. I have been surfing every day and hitting the gym.

Today we had a bit of a sesh at the local trails. They were really good, steep, big and sandy trails. It was funny, it was just like riding trails in the middle of summer at home, except this is the middle of winter here, and still roasting hot and there were all sorts of funny animal noises coming from the bush!

Marc, Gee and Dan rode a downhill trail just up the road, it looked awesome, really rocky. There is a good MTB scene here in north Sydney, loads of people that ride everything, trails, DH and XC. Everyone seems to know about the world cup, even though it is 4 hours away. I reckon there could be a really good turn out of spectators, which always makes the race a bit more exciting. We drive to Canberra in the morning, the weather is supposed to be a bit colder down there and a chance of rain at the weekend... Let's hope not.

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