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Andy isn't about the sensible bikes...

Team Cycling Plus will be updating you each week with the highs and lows of their training as part of the team. This week Andy is NOT suffering from a mid-life crisis...

Team member: Andy Ward

Serious cyclist, 41 year old Andy from Leicester, commutes to his job as a doctor, competes in a number of sportives, and enjoys the challenge of a hilly climb. Last year he did the London to Paris, and this year he hopes to squeeze in a cycling holiday to the Alps with his mates. His goals are to improve his power and have a go at time trialling.

This week saw my Verenti Millook sent to the nice people at Wiggle for a check up after my accident last week. I suppose I ought to be relieved that it’s the bike going off in a box rather than me! Fortunately I still have my Focus Cayo, so all was not lost.

I was a bit short of saddle time this week, so used one of my evenings to fit in one of Ben’s recommended turbo sessions. 21 minutes with 7 sprints of 15 seconds in the middle. It’s a quick session and doesn’t eat too much into the evening, but it’s still enough to work up a decent sweat. I’m getting the hang of the interval training, and found it noticeably easier to sustain the harder efforts in my weekend ride. My neighbour, Ivan’s club has just started the time-trialling season after the road works have been finished on their course, so I hope to do a 10 miler (my first) in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Work commitments meant I’ve had to rely on commuting to provide me with a decent amount of riding time. I’m using my old mountain bike for this. I had an excellent commuting bike – a hybrid. It was reasonably light and fast. It had front suspension to smooth out the potholes. It had mudguards and a rack with a capacious rack pack that held everything I needed for the day. It was an eminently sensible bike...I sold it.

I had a significant birthday last year and some people have unkindly suggested that all this cycling I do is part of some mid-life crisis. I can’t see it myself. How does suddenly deciding to start riding a bike I last rode in earnest in my 20s, after giving it a new racing red paint job, represent a mid life crisis? So what if it hasn’t got anywhere to put my doctor’s bag. 

Who are Team Cycling Plus?

Team Cycling Plus powered by Verenti are readers Andy Ward, Kay Bowen, Malcolm Ratcliffe and Sam Shaw. We’ll be following them in the magazine for the next few months as they train towards their personal cycling goals under the guidance of Team Wiggle’s Ben Simmons and we will be publishing their weekly trials and tribulations here too. For regular updates check our twitter page and the Team Cycling Plus facebook page.

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