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It's been busy time recently- we've been over seas in Spain shooting features with Team MBUK/Santa Cruz riders Will Longden, Marc Beaumont and Neil 'The Don' Donoghue- as well as Gee Atherton, Steve Peat and Chris Smith.
Whilst on the trip I got a few snaps of some cool stuff going down...

The Don, getting ready to rip down one of the many rocky trails. This time Cresta Run- I think!

Chris Smith, sweating.

Peaty's race rig- cool paint job eh?

Note the Carbon link- trick!

Gee found this big natural quarter pipe- you should have seen the speed he was hitting it at, and the air he was getting later on...

Our team boys have some fly rigs this year- here's Will's race rig. It's really light and tricked out...

And check out his Carbon linkage and tucked away prototype Fox rear shock...

Finally and last but definately not least, Gee Atherton's crazy step-down flip. It's a long story with lots to tell. If you want a little taster, check out the PODCAST on the iTunes website- which you can download straight to your iPod, or watch the video on the front page of

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