Team Sharp4Prostate take on RAAM

In third place after 1200 miles!

Day 3 on the road and we are about one third of the way through. The scale of the undertaking has well and truly kicked in! We are all getting used to a new lifestyle, one of riding, eating, sleeping and riding again. Sleep suddenly your best friend, with the thought of a nice warm bunk really keeping you going at the end of a 9 hour session.

We have nearly completed the Rockies stage, and are currently in Colarado, this is really, really big country! Everything over here is on a bigger scale, which you really appreciate when you are trying to cycle across it! Dan and I are getting ready for a ride through the night, from about 9:30pm through to 6:30 tomorrow morning. It should be, erm, fun.

All the teams are really supportive and generally there is a great atmosphere when you come across other teams on the road. The racing is now quite spread out as all the teams settle down after the initial push through Phoenix and Utah. I am sat in the back of the leapfrog vehicle in a town called La Vita at the top of the Rockies. We have just finished the last big climb and will be making our way across the Great Plains.

Our bodies are breaking down slowly but we have a great soigneur, Andrew Evans, who is attempting to defy nature.

All the crew are doing a fantastic job; their professionalism and support is fantastic. They are driving, navigating,cooking, washing and defying their own sleep patterns just to help the riders. We are very lucky and will owe them a few beers at the end....

Team Sharp4Prostate are four self-confessed middle aged men – Paul Molyneux, Karl Chandler, Dan Broom and Adam Denton – who are to tackle this year’s 3000-mile Race Across America (RAAM) in a bid to raise £100,000 for The Prostate Cancer Charity. To check on their current position click here. You can follow them on Twitter too – click here!

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