The Name Game

If you weren't called what you're called, what would you be called? Or something.

For a while now at MBUK Towers Northern Ric and Kim have been compiling a list of daft names. Imaginary names, footballers names and well, just stupid names. 

The sorts of names that would get you places in life. Or not...

The sorts of names that would make you the quickest rider on the hill and the best looking pup in the disco. In short, winners names!

Being the generous sorts that we are we’ve decided to make this list public in a government data protection-style leak. Enjoy.

In no particular order:

Phil Cakebread

David Wickfish

Ernest Lemonhigh

Sarah Feeley

Pete Toogood

DCI Dave Law

Helen Fury

Jonathon Spector

Gary Arbuffnaught

Ian Onions and Hugo Berger

Niki Mycock

Chris Lush

Vince Charisma

Phil Gabitas

Tony Gubba

Chris Badger

Think you’ve got a better weird name? Send it in to and add it to the guest list from comedy heaven!  

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