The Remedy Rules

Last year I had the pleasure of test riding the prototype Trek Remedy 6in travel All-Mountain/Freeride rig out in Mexico- and it came up great. But since then I've been itching to try one on conditions that will really test it...

And so it landed a couple of weeks back- but I've been out of action with a duff wrist and leg so it's taken until now to haul ass on board and let you know how it differs to what I previously rode.

On the launch we all rode the top of the range, sub 30lb Remedy 9, but for the UK I've chosen the mid priced model as I see that best representing the UK market in terms of spec and price. Tipping the scales at just over 31lbs in a size large and emptying your wallet of £2200, it's certainly great value for money, and can easily be tweaked to take the weight under 30lbs.

In Mexico, Trek made us suffer with puny 26in wide bars- which are fine on the size small bike, but when you're 6'4" and ride a size large, you really need the leverage of a wider bar. So for production Trek now offer the King Earl bar, in black, with a full width of 28in. Too wide for you?

Just cut 'em down.

The other thing that us hacks complained about were the tyres- sure, the tubeless Bontrager tyres we used were pretty good and had a place in the market, but they were too light for a bike of this calibre. They had weak sidewall, rolled a lot, and on one ride there were 20 punctures! 

So I'm really pleased to see a decent tyre specced on the bike- namely the Kenda Nevegals in Dual Tyre Compound, and a large volume 2.35" size. Despite the large size, this tyre rolls really quickly- I actually run it in the smaller 2.1 size on my Commencal, but the exta inch of travel on this bike makes you ride like an idiot, so the bigger size is warranted.  

Also on this model is the Rockshox Lyrik 2-step fork. I'm familiar with this fork having ridden it for a long time, so am pleased to see it on this bike- especially as I found on steep climbs, lowering the front end would have been beneficial at time- so the option is there. Of course it is heaiver than the Fox, specced on the top model- but not by much...

As before, I found the active ride of the rear shock a little funny at first- as if the shock was too soft. But it's just the way the big can shock and low leverage ratio deals with things. Nice. 

I don't want to spill too many beans on the bike- you'll have to wait and see it in the magazine, but for now you can oodle it a bit. Check out the 'Autumn' paintjob- it looks fly!

Over and out, Doddy.

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