The stuff you just canâ™t get

Come take a look

Come take a look
The stuff you just can't get

Sometimes here at Cycling Plus we see bikes with designs from far flung corners of the world that will never hit these shores, usually these come out of the far east in fact lots of lost productive time can be wiled away looking through the catalogues of far east bike shows, rarely though do these come from a brand we've heard of. These links came in from a contributor to Cycling Plus via Cycleurope (the parent company behind Bianchi). The bikes come from the Japan office of Bianchi and we're impressed! First up is the Pissa family, a small wheeled town bike complete with guards and front and rear rack the celeste finish and tan leather saddle and grips looks at cut above your average utility bike.

Next is the Fenice Flat, its another urban machine, slick shod with small wheels an air sprung rear end and parellelogram forked front, road gearing, complete with hollowtech road cranks, adjustable stem and pretty performance orientated a bike like this could be ideal for commuting on Britain's pot hole ridden roads and a real flyer on towpaths.

The Milano we have seen before, in fact we tested this way back in Cycling Plus (I know this cos I rode it on the shoot) but Bianchi Japan's version looks great, classic Bianchi colour scheme, true café cruiser stylings a hub gear setup and the coordinated saddle, grips and tyres make it a real looker (and those of so cool full mudguards in celeste) this is one bike perfect for lazy summer Sunday morning rides to the café.

From the retro to the modern now with the Fretta monocoque, again a full suspension design (but this time a folder) cool finish and the alu monocoque mainframe bears more than a passing resemblance to the latest incarnations of the German Birdy's.

Next is the mutant offspring of the latest Dahon's and a classic Bianchi audax bike, small wheels, headtube mounted downtube shifters a Brooks saddle, classic campag replica brake levers and retro livery, Its come by the name - 'Mini Velo 9 drop' and it's a strange beast but we kinda like itâ¦

The Firenze is a traditional town bike popular in mainland Europe and the Firenze follows the traditional mixte shape (womens bike) comes complete with mudguards front and rear racks and again that traditional retro Bianchi livery

Last but certainly not least is the Ancora, very traditional geometry, made from steel (complete with a steel threaded inch fork) downtube shifters (remember them) complemented with the retro replica brake levers as on the Mini velo a Brooks B17 saddle again with full guards and it looks equally gorgeous in either the traditional celeste or gun metal.

No in no way are we suggesting Bianchi should bring them to these shores (even though we reckon some of them would do very well here) its just nice to see how a great company such as Bianchi innovates over here with the carbon dream bikes in the C2C, B4P and Ho.C ranges and the sister operation in Japan innovates too but with a nod the Bianchi's rich heritage, so maybe we won't see any of them but remember the very, very popular Bianchi Pista fixed was once a Bianchi USA only bike.

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