The ultimate upgrade?

Why the dropper post is hard to beat

Ever wondered how to take your riding and bike to the next level? For the latest issue of Mountain Biking UK magazine – sister brand to BikeRadar – we've put our heads together and compiled a list of Ultimate Upgrades. These 10 bits of kit are worth their weight in gold and will help you achieve those gains that the gym won’t quite deliver. We considered a huge number of things to do to your bike, from changing your grips or buying the most expensive wheelset known to man to swapping out the frame itself. There was lots of arguing, but one upgrade that we all agreed had to make the shortlist was the dropper seatpost.

This simple to use but functionally complicated component has revolutionised the way we ride bikes. Until the dropper, riding amazing, flowy singletrack interrupted by small climbs meant running your saddle at a height that was either sketchy on the descents or hard work on the climbs – or even worse, stopping to drop or raise it. With its arrival, formerly frustrating trails suddenly turned into stairways to and from heaven, with your saddle exactly where you wanted it and the flow only being broken when you needed a rest. The high-fiving at the bottom of the hill reached a whole new level of epic stokeage!

It was by no means the first dropper, but it was RockShox's Reverb that really grabbed the public imagination when it was launched in 2010, and it's still one of the best today, with hydraulic actuation and the ability to set the seat anywhere within its 150mm (5.9in) stroke. It's reliable too – we still have original Reverbs that haven’t missed a beat in five years of very tough service. Our other current favourites are the Thomson Elite and KS Lev.

Do you agree with us? Are dropper posts a blessing from the trail gods?! Let us know what your favourite upgrade is on Facebook and Twitter. For the rest of our Ultimate Upgrades, grab a copy of MBUK issue 317 (July 2015) and find out how to bling up your bike!

RockShox's sleek-looking reverb dropper post is one of our favourites: rockshox's sleek-looking reverb dropper post is one of our favourites
RockShox's sleek-looking reverb dropper post is one of our favourites: rockshox's sleek-looking reverb dropper post is one of our favourites

RockShox's sleek-looking Reverb dropper post is one of our favourites

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Alex has been riding bikes since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He first raced back in 2003, winning the Juvenile category on a sketchy hard tail Planet X bike. Alex lived in the Alps for seven years so isn't shy of a climb or two and loves getting out in his bike in all weather. His favorite thing to ride is steep loamy tracks with loads of opportunities to slam the bike into turns and really give it some frame bending welly! He's broken his fair share of frames, so any bike between his knees is going to get a right seeing to.
  • Discipline: DH, Enduro, XC, BMX, Road
  • Preferred Terrain: Epic descents covered in the world's finest loam and hero dirt
  • Current Bikes: Nukeproof Mega 275 / Giant Anthem Advanced 275 1 / LeMond Reno / Deluxe Pro 2 BMX
  • Dream Bike: Giant ATX 1 DH (1999 model)
  • Beer of Choice: Teetotal
  • Location: Bristol, UK

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