They think it's all over...

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and finally it actually is. After a series of days that stretched to 11 at night for some on the staff, we've got to the end of a long, often very difficult, but mostly very interesting month on the mag.

None of us had ever worked on a redesign before, and I think we learned a few lessons for the next time - which is hopefully at least another eight years away, given that was the length of time our previous format was with us. Firstly, try not to bog yourself down even more than you need to by producing a special issue. No clues yet as to what that 'special' might be, but we're pretty certain readers will like it. Secondly, don't have a redesign coincide with a cover mount - ours for the Jan 07 issue is a calendar, and never have 16 pages of content taken up so much time. Thirdly, don't do it in the week which coincide with the birthday of three nieces who don't understand why their uncle can't get to the nearest Toys R Us to purchase the expected pile of goodies.

With all the content cleared, the first thing we are planning to do is head off down the pub. It's also the last day for our picture editor, Pete Goding, who is leaving us today and going freelance, so we of course need to give him a good send-off. My thanks to Pete for his service over the past five years, and especially for the great photography he has provided us with over that time. If anyone's looking for a good snapper, I can readily recommend him.

It's seems Toys R Us and a pint of Landlord are calling before then. Rest assured updates on this blog will become more regular now that we are back in normal working conditions.


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