This week’s credit crunch bargain

The sub £100 challenge continues with the tub trug

This week’s credit crunch bargain has literally hundreds of uses. 

So, what is it?  

Well, it has varying names from garden flexi tub, to builder’s carry tub, to tub trug. Whatever you call it, we all universally know it from this picture:

You can source it in a myriad of colours from garden centres, DIY shops and supermarkets for roughly a fiver.  Not bad, really, for something so brilliantly useful. 

It’s particularly handy for mountain biking -

Pre ride, it acts as kit tidier in the back of the car to keep hydration pack and clothing away from oily bike bits. 

Après ride, it serves as a waterproof receptacle to hold wet and muddy kit away from ruining the interior of my car; as well as enabling me to bring said kit into the house without upsetting anyone…

Maybe not the most environmentally friendly, but better than my previous plastic bags, as well as using less energy to clean than a holdall or rucksack.

Sure, there are better carrying and storing devices (that come with lids for instance) but not many are as cheap, as easy to carry and clean out or, quite frankly, that come in such a huge range of colours!

Got your own cheap bike paraphernalia tips?

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