Top UK Freerider Chris Smith stops by BikeRadar HQ

He's got plenty of time on his hands after breaking his ankle!

Giant Bikes rider Chris Smith popped in this afternoon on his way back from the hospital after having a new plaster cast stuck on his leg.

How did he break it? He was at the Freeraid Classic in France and had qualified first place for the King of Dirt comp. Later that day he landed a 360, slipped a pedal, and cruised over his own foot, breaking it nice and cleanly in two places.

He's got to keep the cast on for another month, so we wish him all the best for his recovery. Until then he's spending his days browsing the world's best cycling site and..

Oh, and did we mention that Cliff 'UK shore building supremo' Barbeary was here too? He was being helpful as usual.

Here's Cliff stapling Chris's toes...

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