TransRockies blog: Race is over!

The race is over but thankfully the honeymoon still has a week to go.

The race is over but thankfully the honeymoon still has a week to go. We are encamped in a hotel room in the town of Fernie where the 2007 TransRockies finished. The last stage was hard to get excited about as yesterday was such a good day. The late start and short distance made it sound too easy.

The start was fast and we were well up until one fateful corner on a gravel road. Cat went wide and ended up coming back onto the road right at a water bar, jamming the front wheel and going over the bars. Still, she got back on and kept putting the pace down despite a sore head and more cuts to her body. We found out later that her helmet was cracked so it was quite a thump. One less thing to take home!

The whole stage was on fast gravel roads until the last 6km which hit the local single track. We had a good run through, though Cat was frustrated at her technical skills, but last week she wouldn't have even looked at those trails. The finish was an emotional affair as it has been a tough hard week with lots of sweat (mostly Richard's) and plenty of blood (all Catriona's).

The finish line was just the start of the next adventure as we sought to find our gear, book into a hotel room and get fed. We were lucky as an old friend of Cat's lives near by and we were taken for the best lunch we have had in ages! Now we need to repack the bikes, go for a shot in the hot tub and head to the evening meal.

Our On-One Scandal's have been awesome on this trip and stood up to all we have thrown at them. Four flats in 700km over serious mountains is not a bad tally and we are grateful to Brant at On-One for sorting out the machines. We have won extra kudos this week for Cat's climbing, the hardtails and the state of Cat's arms and legs, plus the fact that this is our honeymoon!

TransAlp 2008?

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