Ullrich denies Spanish doctor link

A Spanish radio station has suggested that Jan Ullrich could be among under-fire Spanish doctor Eufe

A Spanish radio station has suggested that Jan Ullrich could be among under-fire Spanish doctor Eufe
Reports emanating from Spain in the last 24 hours indicate that up to 200 riders including Jan Ullrich could be under suspicion of doping following doctor Eufemiano Fuentes' arrest. The Spanish Cadena Ser radio station alleged that "Ullrich is one of the clients of the doping cell discovered in Spain." Ullrich had earlier reacted to news of Fuentes' arrest with the statement: "Cycling isn't dirty, but there will always be doping cases because it's such a hard sport". The rumours surrounding Ullrich apparently stem from Fuentes' allleged ties with Ullrich's coach, Luigi Cecchini. T-Mobile directeur sportif Rudy Pevenage said tonight that Cecchini assists Ullrich with training but not medical support, which the German receives from the University of Freiburg (where team doctor Lothar Heinrich is based - Ed). On Thursday morning, newspaper El Pais speculated about the number of riders who could be implicated in the scandal. "All except Valverde!" was the newspaper's breezy conclusion. El Pais reported that the Spanish Guardia Civil found the files of 200 riders in raids on properties including Fuentes' laboratory in the Calle Zurbano in Madrid. It was at a bar on the same street that the Guardia Civil arrested Liberty Seguros chief Manolo Saiz and Fuentes on Tuesday afternoon. Police officers had apparently seen Fuentes enter the bar holding a thermos bag, and Saiz leave with the same bag shortly afterwards. The policemen then moved in to apprehend both men. In the bag, they allegedly found 60 sachets of frozen blood and 60,000 euros in cash. In total, the police are believed to have recovered 200 sachets each containing 450 millilitres of blood and labeled with a code identifying one of the doctors' clients. Huge quantities of anabolic steroids and human growth human were apparently also found. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported this morning that Saiz was released after questioning on Wednesday partly because of concerns about his health. Saiz apparently suffered an anxiety attack and was provisionally released by the Guardia Civil on medical advice. Saiz is apparently suspected to be one of Fuentes' customers, but not one of the organisers of the doping ring.
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