Ullrich faced with more doping allegations

Telekom soigneur Jef d'Hont to publish second book

Disgraced German cyclist Jan Ullrich can expect more trouble with the news former Telekom team soigneur Jef D'Hont has written another book with damaging "truths" concerning the 1997 Tour de France winner.

The new book by d'Hont is set to appear in early 2008 and is believed to contain more damaging material about Germany's only Tour de France winner.

"I have written a new, second book which has some damaging material against Jan Ullrich," d'Hont told German tabloid Bild on Thursday.

Ullrich, 33, retired in February this year having been sacked by T-Mobile, who changed their name from Telekom, in July 2006 after he was linked to the Operation Puerto doping scandal in Spain. With his reputation in tatters, Ullrich was then exposed by d'Hont in his autobiography, excerpts of which were printed in German magazine Der Spiegel in April this year.

In his first book, d'Hont claimed the use of banned blood-booster erythropoietin (EPO) was widespread in the Telekom team during the 1990s. A number of other riders were accused in d'Hont's book which led to a string of confessions from top cyclists including 1996 winner Bjarne Riis.

But while others have confessed, Ullrich has maintained his silence and insists he will only speak "when Germany is prepared to listen."

And d'Hont's new book is reported to contain more material which will embarrass Ullrich.

D'Hont insisted in his first book he saw Ullrich being injected with EPO during the 1996 Tour, which led to the German taking out a court order. But the Belgian insists he will have no problems with the law.

"I have no fear of his lawyers, because I am writing the truth," he said.

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