Updated: Snowmen wear helmets

This little fellow does anyway

I wonder if there's something wrong with me when the first thing that came into my head when I saw the snowfall this morning was "I'll make a snowman head and put a helmet on it. That'll be fun."

Anyway, the head turned into a head-plus-small-body, with added limbs and a nice little face. If I'd had more time I'd have constructed a snow bicycle for him to ride. But I'm no Tony Hart (RIP), and my fingers were bloody freezing.

A lunchtime snow ride is on the cards, as long as I can get the garage door open which is blocked by a huge pile of white stuff.

Have you made a snow cyclist? Email us your pictures and we'll put the best ones online.

Here's one just in: forum member Sarnian's snowman, from Guernsey...

Another from Philip in Guernsey

This one's from Noah's Ark bike shop in Brimscombe, near Stroud, Gloucestershire, and was inspired by their race team

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