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A picture may be worth a thousand words but in some cases, a video is worth just that much more. That's why we brought you footage of Campagnolo's new Record EPS and Super Record EPS electronic groups from the launch last month, along with a first ride review.

Now Campagnolo have got in on the act themselves and have posted a load of clips – 15 in total – on their YouTube channel. These explain the key features of EPS, in order to help people better understand the company's long-awaited electronic debut.

Campagnolo's video channel covers a wide range of topics, both technical and historical, including details on the Multidome technology used to give the levers that distinctive 'click', the analog-to-digital signal conversion process, how the battery indicator and diagnostic systems work, inner workings of the front and rear derailleurs and shifters, tutorials on how to do the initial setup and tweak settings on the fly, and also general overviews of why the company feel electronic is the wave of the future.

Production groups are still a few months away so even if you're lucky enough to afford EPS, test rides will have to wait a bit. But in the meantime, Campagnolo's new videos will help get interested parties better acquainted with the latest to come out of Vicenza until you can lay your hands on it for real. Trust us – it'll be worth the wait.

Campagnolo EPS: Shift differently

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Campagnolo EPS: The History

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Campagnolo EPS: Launch 

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For more videos, visit Campagnolo's YouTube channel:

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