Wattbike Challenge 2: Time to get serious

Inter-title contest continues with 1,000m time trial

Our first Wattbike Challenge was a casual affair, with the BikeRadar team riding in jeans and T-shirts. But when it came to this week's second instalment, competitive spirit reared its ugly head and it was time to step things up.

BikeRadar editor Jeff Jones sported full team Lycra and fitted his own clipless pedals to the bike, while staff members Matthew Cole and Oli Woodman also donned their new ‘go-faster’ BikeRadarjerseys.

We were determined to do whatever it takes to gain the advantage over staff from our sister publications Cycling Plus, Procycling and Triathlon Plus.

Cole once again showed good form, bagging a winning time of 1:05.29 with a peak power output of 711 watts, and an average output of 598 watts. Once he’d caught his breath, he said: “I’m happy with that. I could definitely go faster with SPDs on. The next challenge will be huge.”

Close behind was Jones with an impressive time of 1:08.23. With a peak power output of 765 watts and an average of 530 watts, he said: "That was harder than I expected. The key is definitely not starting too fast."

Hiding the pain face:
Hiding the pain face:

BikeRadar staffers Oli Woodman (right) and Matthew Cole do battle

Woodman, despite his comedy flailing legs, arms and head, posted a respectable 1:13.57. He said: “I’m slightly disappointed with that time, I expected better. Next time I’ll be in my full race gear, so watch out boys.”

To watch the video of some of the day's action, click play below:

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Cycling Plus deputy editor Neil Pedoe stepped up to this month’s challenge sporting the team’s swanky new kit but started the time trial too hard, hitting a peak power output of 1075 watts. Despite the quick start, Pedoe finished fourth overall with a time of 1:09.73. He said: "The numbers tell almost the whole story, although perhaps without the suffering."

Cole (left) and pedoe start the journey to deadlegsville:
Cole (left) and pedoe start the journey to deadlegsville:

BikeRadar's Cole (left) and Cycling Plus's Neil Pedoe warm up

He added: "Matt Cole’s distinctly above average time was obviously the properly paced effort – compared to my much higher peak power from an over-excited and ill-judged starting effort, which cost me energy and seconds on my finishing time. I never knew how much a-minute-and-a-bit could hurt – now I know why Chris Hoy has such chunky thighs. Maybe Coley’s thighs would be similarly fat too if he wasn’t over 7ft tall." 

Foxall is in awe of jones's power:
Foxall is in awe of jones's power:

Cycling Plus's Ben Foxall says: "Too hard, too early. That's gonna hurt you, Jones!"

Ben Foxall, Cycling Plus's designer and grimace-master, cruised into sixth place overall with a time of 1:12.87. He managed to talk after his ride, saying: “It hurts.”

Kilo results

TimePeak PowerAve PowerAv. W/kg
Matthew Cole (BikeRadar)00:01:05.297115986.72
Daniel Friebe (Procycling)00:01:07.547935657.96
Jeff Jones (BikeRadar)00:01:08.237655307.57
Neil Pedoe (Cycling Plus)00:01:09.7310755186.56
Ellis Bacon (Procycling)00:01:11.5410324986.73
Ben Foxall (Cycling Plus)00:01:12.877234465.13
Oli Woodman (BikeRadar)00:01:13.577464386.64
Keith Jepson (Triathlon Plus)00:01:13.836334305.24
Elizabeth Hufton (Triathlon Plus)00:01:23.495043095.33

See Wattbike.com for more information on the Wattbike, and keep an eye on BikeRadar.com for more challenges.

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