What do you have in your kit bag, and what should I have in mine?

Silly inners and useless patches

Will Longden took great pleasure in mocking me for using a Camelbak at the weekend at Afan Argoed. “Why do you need that? What do you put in there? I keep everything in my back pocket,” he said.

Except that when Mr Longden was standing at the side of the downhill blast on Skyline, rear wheel in his hand he needed some help. “Oh surely you don’t need something from a backpack Wiltord?” I said.

Anyway, after finding that none of our bikes accepted the Schrader-valve tube that I had in my pack (because all these new-fangled bikes have teeny valve holes), I found that the only patch kit I had needs replacing quickly too. The glue has disappeared, leaving only luck, spit and skill to repair a punctured tube.

Anyway, the moral of the story is use a backpack, make sure the stuff in it will work on your bike and is up-to-date. Otherwise it may end your fun before you can say ‘snakebite’. I’m off to buy some new patches and some tubes.

What do you carry? What’s your biggest trail faux-pas?

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