Why I don't ride MTB's in skateparks...

Mountain Bikes are the most versatile bikes on the planet

Mountain Bikes are the most versatile bikes on the planet- which is why so many people hit up the skateparks to have a play. These days, it seems to be getting cooler and cooler to just ride skateparks on MTB's, which is fine- but remember the roots of MTB guys.

How many of you have been on a good XC ride? I'm talking long, off road DH's, climbing, blitzing singletrack...

You're missing out, you really are- the concrete jungle isn't a substitute for the great outdoors.

There's also Dirt jumps in the woods, DH in the mountains- MTB riding is great, so don't lose touch with it.

Oh, and check this out- it may change your mind about that latest nibble you pulled being good...


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